Modesto, CA

  • Compu-Nox
  • CHP

Loves Park, IL

  • High efficiency Industrial Air Cleaners
  • In-room air purification

Westland, MI

  • Source capture extraction equipment
  • Vehicle exhaust extraction systems
  • Emergency vehicle exhaust extraction systems
  • Welding fume exhaust systems
  • Dust collectors
  • High Vacuums
  • Laboratory bench-top exhaust extractions
  • Service reels

Northhampton, PA

  • Extraction and Filtration Systems

We are proud to represent the following Mechanical companies:

Charlotte, NC

  • Baghouses
  • Cartridge collectors
  • Engineered Solutions

Houston, TX

  • Exhaust hoses

Grand Rapids, MI

  • Gas fired make-up air equipment

Wichita, KS

  • Commercial chimney venting for condensing and non-condensing appliances
  • No-chase grease duct
  • "B" vent

Fairfield, OH

   American Fan/Joy Fan/ Garden City Fan

  • Centrifugal and Axial Fans

Rock Island, IL

  • Underduct and corrosion composite

Richardson, TX

  • Metal access doors

Odessa, FL

  • Electric motors
  • Drives

Change'air : A systemair company Lenexa, KS 

  • Classroom Unit Ventilators
  • Water Source Heat Pump Ventilators

Oklahoma City, OK

  • Water source heat pumps

Because you deserve a lifetime of dependability.

Houston, TX

  • FRP fans
  • Scrubbers

West Chester, OH

  • Modular HVAC Systems

Rochester, NY

  • HVAC Hose Kits

Benz Air Engineering Co., Inc.

AKA: Adirondack Aire Rome, NY

  • Propeller Fans
  • Louvered vents
  • ILG spun aluminum roof exhaust
  • Large industrial propeller fans
  • Plant ventilators

Chicago, ILL

  • Ductwork