We proudly represent ClimateMaster Commercial products.

Below are just a few products that we represent for ClimateMaster. There are many more products and services that we offer, which can be found on the ClimateMaster website.

FX2 Bench-Top Arms
Original Extraction Arm

Water-Source Heat Pumps

The most energy efficient HVAC system on the market

Vertical Stack Series

  • Unmatched design flexibility and ease of installation compared to high-rise fan coil units or even other packaged water-source heat pumps

  • Self-contained heating and cooling system (when used as a ductless installation) that is recessed into the wall

  • Tranquility® Vertical Stack Series

DUCTED systems

  • Designed for environments with corrosive fumes, vapors, or non-explosive dust

  • Anodized Aluminium components for improved corrosion resistance

  • Typical workplaces are food, pharmaceutical, laboratory, and chemical industries

And Many More!

  • Contact us for more information on water-source heat pumps to fit your application.

MagnaTrack HS Green System
ClimateMaster - Geothermal 2.png

Geothermal Heat Pumps

The most cost-effective space conditioning systems available with several loops available

Vertical loops

  • Vertical loops utilize bore holes drilled to an average depth of 250 feet

  • When space is a limited, vertical loops are the most common type of geothermal loop installed

pond loops

  • Utilize a heat exchanger placed at the bottom of a pond, lake, or other large body of water

  • An extremely cost effective loop system, pond loops are an easy alternative if the option is available

Ground water systems

  • Most commonly known as “open loop”, ground water systems pump water out of a nearby body of water or water well, and then discharge the water into another body of water or water well

  • Ground water systems are often the most efficient as the ground water is always at the same temperature year-round

Contact us for more information on Geothermal Heat Pump applications.

NFP Collector

Console Heat Pumps

High efficiency WSHP “ductless” solution for spaces where individual, quiet control of the heating and cooling system is important

Tranquility® Console Series

  • Ideal where ceiling height and space are limited, or when preserving the integrity of an existing structure

  • Exceeds ASHRAE 90.1 efficiencies, yet maintains small cabinet dimensions

  • Using EarthPure® (HFC-410A) refrigerant, the Tranquility Console Series not only protects the environment, it does so while delivering unprecedented comfort, efficiency, and reliability