We proudly represent the full product line of HAF.

Below are just a few products that we represent for Howden American Fan. There are many more products and services that we offer, which can be found on the Howden American Fan website.

Original Extraction Arm
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Combustion Air Fans

Blowers are used to mix air and gas to provide Combustion Air Incineration

AF - cast aluminium pressure blowers

  • Rugged, lightweight and rustproof cast aluminum housing making it ideal for demanding industrial applications

  • Available in direct drive or belt drive with a variety of accessories to meet your requirements

  • Capacity selections are available up to 3,800 CFM and pressure selections up to 20" (SP w.g.)

  • Commonly used to cool electrical devices, such as traction motors for people moving equipment

BCS - Backwardly inclined Fans

  • High efficiency backwardly curved single thickness wheel has a blade shape similar to the convex shape of the BCA airfoil wheel

  • Designed for moist or lightly contaminated air systems,and exhibiting non-overloading horsepower characteristics and stable performance over the entire pressure curve

  • Noise levels are the lowest in the peak efficiency range of the performance curve

  • Commonly used in the following industries: Chemical, Energy, Food Processing, Glass, Petrochemical, Pulp and Paper, Steel, Textile

And Many More!

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MagnaTrack HS Green System

Fume Exhaust Fans

Removal of unwanted fumes from an area or manufacturing process

vehicle fume exhaust

  • For fire stations (commonly used for our Nederman MagnaSystems) and automotive repair centers extract fumes to keep personnel safe

  • Models AF and QBCS fans are used for this purpose

Paint Spray Booths

  • Require the removal of paint fumes, the process provides for a cleaner worker environment and to comply with EPA regulations

  • V-belt drive Axial Fans are often preferred for this application because they offer the most compact solution and allow for straight in and out duct work

And Many More!

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NFP Collector

Dust Collection Fans

Commonly used on the clean side of the dust collectors to draw dusty air across the filter bags so that clean air is exhausted

Typical Industries

  • Agriculture, Food Industry, Plating, Printing, Pulp and Paper, Steel, Textiles, Woodworking

And Many More!

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