We proudly represent Metal-Fab Commercial products.

Below are just a few products that we represent for Metal-Fab. There are many more products and services that we offer, which can be found on the Metal-Fab website.

Original Extraction Arm

Corr/Guard - Special Gas Vent

Single and Double-Wall Positive Pressure Special Gas Vent engineered for venting today’s high efficiency natural gas-burning or propane fired appliances, categories II, III and IV

Made with Al29-4c Stainless Steel

  • Superferritic AL29-4C stainless steel flue for the most corrosion resistance

  • Extreme resistance to chloride ion pitting, crevice corrosion, stress corrosion cracking and corrosion in moderately reducing environments

  • Manufactured with continuous laser welded seams and casings, improving durability, reliability and increasing efficiency

Ideal for heating appliances

  • Gas boilers, furnaces, unit and radiant tube heaters, tankless water heaters, pool heaters, and direct vent appliances

MagnaTrack HS Green System

“G Series” - Grease Duct

Single and Double-Wall Factory-Built Grease Duct Systems designed for use with Type I and Type II kitchen ventilation hoods venting air and grease laden vapors

available in various insulation options

  • Single Wall (PSW), 1” Airspace (PIC), 1” Insulation (1G), 2” Insulation (2G), 3” Insulation (3G), 4” Insulation (4G)

  • 0” clearance to combustibles and 2hr Fire Rating (3G & 4G)

  • Reduced clearances to combustibles (PSW, PIC, 1G, 2G)

ideal for Commercial kitchens

  • For use with Type I and Type II ventilation hoods, cooking appliances, restaurant grease ducts and pizza ovens

  • Significantly reduces install time and cost

NFP Collector

PIC / IPIC - Pressure Industrial Chimney

Single and Double-Wall Pressure Industrial Chimney for Heating Appliances, Boiler Breeching, Generator and Fume Exhaust

available in various insulation options

  • Single Wall (PSW), 1” Airspace (PIC), 1” Insulation (IPIC-1), 2” Insulation (IPIC-2), 3” Insulation (IPIC-3), 4” Insulation (IPIC-4)

  • UL tested and listed for positive pressures up to 60" w.g., and manufactured with a durable 304 or 316 stainless steel flue and optional casing materials to ensure maximum performance and corrosion resistance

  • IPIC pressure stack is designed with precision flanged joints that utilize a high temperature silicone sealant for quick installation and unmatched sealing strength, reducing cost and installation time

Various applications

  • For use with fume exhaust, coffee roasters, water heaters, boilers, generators, turbines and ovens