We proudly represent the full product line of Nederman, Inc.

Below are just a few products that we represent for Nederman. There are many more products and services that we offer, which can be found on the Nederman website.

Original Extraction Arm
FX2 Bench-Top Arms

Fume Extraction Arms

A variety of fume extraction arm designs and applications

Original Extraction Arm

  • Designed for medium-duty dust and fume exhaust, repair, and fabrication applications

  • 360º heavy-duty swivel for maximum reach and flexibility in all directions

  • Great for welding, soldering, and many other manufacturing applications

Corrosion-Resistant Extraction Arm

  • Designed for environments with corrosive fumes, vapors, or non-explosive dust

  • Anodized Aluminium components for improved corrosion resistance

  • Typical workplaces are food, pharmaceutical, laboratory, and chemical industries

Bench-Top Extraction Arm

  • Extraction Arms with unbeatable flexibility and smaller footprints

  • Ceiling, wall, floor or bench mounting

And Many More!

  • Contact us for more information on Fume Extraction Arms to fit your application.

MagnaTrack HS Green System
Nederman - MagnaRail.PNG
MagnaStack System

Emergency Vehicle Exhaust Systems

Contact us today to find out which MagnaSystem is right for you

MagnaTrack System

  • Designed to serve emergency stations with a high frequency of runs

  • Track system serves one vehicle at a time

  • Available in Electro-Magnet or Earth Magnet (“Green”) connection

MagnaRail System

  • High capacity system designed to handle high operation requirements

  • Up to two vehicles can be attached to the same rail

  • Available in Electro-Magnet or Earth Magnet (“Green”) connection

MagnaStack System

  • Exhaust extraction system for emergency vehicles with vertical stacks

  • A hood enclosure automatically connects with the vertical exhaust stack as the

    vehicle is backed in to the parking bay

Nederman - SSeries.PNG
NFP Collector

Dust Collection

From small applications to large professional manufacturing applications

S-Series Collector

  • Suitable for collection of many different types of dust, available in various sizes

  • Indoor installation, guaranteed quiet operation

  • Patented Polyester Bags (99.9% efficiency)

NFP Collector

  • Suitable for collection of many different types of dust including wood, paper and plastic

  • Common applications include: High Speed Routing, Sawing, Cutting, Sanding, Single ‘Cell’ Manufacturing, After-Filters

  • Modular unit to allow for further expansion as your application needs grow


  • For larger commercial and industrial applications, contact us for more information

And Many More!

  • Contact us for more information on Dust Collectors to fit your application.