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As a part of our Benz Companies, the Mechanical Engineering Division - with multiple locations including Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Modesto, Austin, and Portland - offers an array of products and solutions for the industrial utility and district energy market. We design, manufacture, and implement innovative technologies which simultaneously optimizes efficiency, while minimizing emissions and increasing process flexibility.


COMPU-NOX (a cost effective alternative to a low nox burner): A true air fuel ratio control combustion system, the Compu-Nox system will reduce nox emissions to less than 30ppm without the need of a burner replacement, while providing a return on investment through higher combustion efficiency. Integrated with a burner managment system, Compu-Nox substantially reduces fan horsepower, while precisely matching air to fuel through a wide range of firing conditions.


HIGH TURN DOWN OPERATION: Compu-Nox provides boiler turn-down exceeding 20:1, allowing operation of a boiler on a main flame at extremely low firing rates for providing backup sources to a gas tubine HRSG or other sources. Compu-Nox equipped boilers can provide full boiler steam output within a matter of minutes, providing co-generation applications instantaneous backup steam while maximizing the economics from combined cycle operation.


HI-E BURNER (a proven stable burner): The champion Hi-E Burner, combined with the Compu-Nox combustion control and burner management system, is a proven low nox burner - providing low excess air combustion over a turn-down exceeding 20:1.


CONDIMAX (the highest known efficiency flue gas condensing heat exchanger): Specifically designed to provide the closest temperature approach for preheating makeup water, or providing process water.


PREMIZER (increasing boiler efficiency to 88%):  A unique combustion air heating system for application with high temperature condensate return.


CATAMIZER SCR SYSTEM: A combined high efficiency economizer with a sub 5ppm nox.


SELECTIVE CATALYTIC EMISSION CONTROL SYSTEM: An ultra low nox SCR and low approach economizer, designed to fit within the same area that a typical economizer occupies. The system uses 20% less catalyst than all other competing designs.


BENZ AIR CEMS (a cost effective continuous emission system): Using commonly available electrochemical cells, the Benz Air Chem system is a far less expensive alternative to attain certified RATA emission monitoring than the alternative chemilluminesence-based systems.




EBULLIGEN (electric and steam generation for 4000btu/kw-hr hhv power) patent pending: Generating steam and electricity for less than 4000btu/kw-hr by combining high efficiency reciprocating engine generators with the boilers outfitted with Benz Air controls. Designed for parallel generation or stand alone generating islands, the solution is the highest incremental electricity generating system available - with an incremental electric generating efficiency exceeding 90%. Novel engine cooling system produces high value steam instead of hot water, deferring steam loads while maintaining lower engine temperature. 


RANKIN CYCLE EFFICIENCY UPGRADE: a solution for Rankin Cycles up to, and including, supercritical pressures. Combining the substantial reduction of parasitic loads at part load, with addition ecogen based upgrades - resulting in combined cycle heat rates over a 20:1 turn-down.


HI-EMODULAR BOILER SYSTEMS (combining all of the Benz Air products into a comprehensive boiler steam plant): The Benz Hi-E Boiler System is a complete boiler system, comprising the efficiency and control solutions, into one stand-alone package. The boiler shell, burner, Compu-Nox, burner management, gas and oil trains, economizer or catamizer, condimax and/or premizer are all pre-assembled into modular plug-in components, reducing the time needed for installation of a complete boiler plant to less than 3 days.